Delta Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Medallion Status 800-325-3999
  • Lost Baggage 800-325-8224
  • Customer Service 800-455-2720
  • Cargo Department 800-352-2746
  • Reservations 800-241-4141
  • Technical Support 888-750-3284

How To Contact Delta

Welcome to Delta, KLM and Air France.

  • Are you a Sky Miles member? 
  • Yes. Okay, from here you can say, "Check flight status, review my reservations, access my Sky Miles account or representative."
  • Representative. Okay, I will now connect you to a representative. 
  • But to be sure, I will need a little more information first.
  • Please say or enter your Delta Sky Miles number or say, "I don't have one." 
  • You can alternatively say, "Shop for flight, discuss existing reservation or do something else." 
  • So which one would you like? 
  • Check flight status Okay, one moment please, I will take you to our flight line service. 
  • Hello. Welcome to flight line, Delta’s automated flight arrival and departure system. 
  • First, please tell me either the flight number or the departure city. If you prefer, you can enter the flight number using the telephone keypad.

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