AT&T Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • AT&T International Services From Overseas 1-916-843-4685
  • GoPhone Customer Service Number 1-800-901-9878
  • AT&T International Services (US) 1-800-335-4685
  • Hearing & Speech Impaired 1-888-341-2355 - dial 711 from a land line

Additional Phone Numbers For AT&T Support

  • Number Transfer Status 1-866-895-1097
  • Help in Spanish 1-800-400-6868 (24/7)
  • Military Services Prepaid Calling Cards 1-800-288-2020
  • Order New Services 1-888-333-6651
  • Check Order Status 1-877-782-8870

How To Contact AT&T

How do you contact a real person at AT&T? 

  • Welcome to ATT. If you are calling about phone numbers, press 1. 
  • Welcome to the main menu. To pay your bills or to get other bill-related options, press 1.
  • For technical support or help with voice mail, press 2.
  • To check usage to to report a stolen or lost wireless device or to cancel your service, press 3.
  • For sales, new orders or to start a new order, press 4.
  • For anything else or to speak to a customer service professional, press 0.
  • To repeat this option, press *.
  • To enter a different phone number, press 2.
  • (If you don't choose an option) Please enter the cellphone number that you are currently calling about, starting with the area code.
  • For more options, press 1. 
  • To activate your AT&T Go Phone, press 1. 
  • To order a new service or to add a line to an already existing wireless account, press 2.
  • For more information or help with home phone DSL or you first service, press 3.
  • To check the status of a recent wireless order, press 4.
  • For help with tablets or laptop connections, press 5.
  • For help with any other issues or to speak to a customer service professional, press 0.
  • To repeat these options, press *.

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